Nivelco Flow Measurement
Nivelco Flow Measurement

Nivelco Flow Measurement

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General Description

As Nivelco Level Measurement and Control concentrate on the manufacture of industrial level measurement and control products, NIVELCO is now a world-class level specialist, based in Hungary. NIVELCO’s strength originates from the solid base created by a family business, guided over 80 turbulent years. NIVELCO has established and maintained a leading and respected world market position, and has sold more than 1 million units of level instrumentation so far: NIVELCO is now one of the largest ultrasonic level transmitter producers in the world.

Nivelco Flow Measurement

From the various range of Nivelco’s Level Transmitter, Nivelco also produces Flow measurement product, to be exact Open-channel Flow Measurement “NIVOSONAR, with the properties as below:

  • 9 different sizes, compact types of PARSHALL flumes made of plastic (PP)
  • Factory calibrated dimensions
  • Reliable measurement with ultrasonic level transmitter
  • Level transmitter can be used for all flume types
  • Displaying of flow measurement and average or total flow
  • Certification of measurement

This Open Channel flow measurement can be applied in various area, such as:

  • For open channels, gravitational channels
  • Measurement of feed or process water
  • Yield measurement of irrigation canals
  • Treated effluent sewage measurement


Ref: Nivelco Process Control Co.

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