Dwyer Series FPCA Flow Power/Controls Accessories

Dwyer FPCA Series Flow Power/Controls Accessories

Dwyer FPCA Series Flow Power/Controls Accessories include mounting kits, power converters, and power supplies for compatible flow meters. Dwyer Flow Power/Controls Accessories simplify installation by offering meter and wall mounting options. Furthermore, power input and supply are no longer an issue with the power converter and dual power supply.

The WMK can be used to mount Series BAT, RTI, or PWD on Series PDWS. The MMK can be used to mount either Series BAT or RTI to a wall with the use of Series EFS2, IEFS, PDWS, IPFS, TBS, or FLMG. Model PWC1 can be used with Series PDW, EFS2, or IEFS to convert 115 VAC to 25 VDC. Model PWC2 can be used with Series EFS2, IEFS, PDWS, IPFS, and TBS to convert 115 VAC to 12/24 VDC and provide dual power output for use with Series BAT and RTI.

Flow includes Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors, Flowmeters, Sight Flow Indicators, and Water Meters. Mass Flowmeters, Controllers, Flow Indicators, and Controllers are ideal for the measurement of flow rates. Flow Switches come as a paddle, thermal, piezo, and shuttle/piston.

Flow Transmitters is sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of flow rate. The different transmitters are Ultrasonic, Paddlewheel: in-line, adjustable and fixed, electromagnetic: adjustable, in-line and fixed, and turbine: in-line. Accessories and Fittings for these flow transmitters are also in this category.

Accessories for flow transmitter products. Included in this category are pulse dividers, blind analog transmitters, mounting kits, power converters, and a solar panel kit. These accessories are all compatible with flow meters and transmitters.

Dwyer FPCA Series Features

  • Convert 115 VAC to 25 VDC
  • Convert 115 VAC to 12/24 VDC and provide dual power output
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Dwyer FPCA Series Specification

Temperature Limits 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C).
Output 24 VDC @ 500 mA.
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 19 W.
Electrical Connection 22-18 AWG screw terminal.
Weight Contact factory.
Temperature Limits -22 to 148°F (-30 to 65°C).
Enclosure Material Powder-coated diecast aluminum.
Weight WMK: 1.25 lb (567 g); MMK: 1.75 lb (794 g).

Download Data Sheet: Series FPCA Flow Power Controls Accessories

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