Series P8 Piston High Pressure Brass Flow Switch

Dwyer Series P8 Piston High Pressure Brass Flow Switch

Dwyer Series P8 High-Pressure Brass Flow Switches are ideal for high in-line pressures. Set points range from 0.25 to 2.0 GPM for liquid flow.

Flow Switch Sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate have different types of switches, which are a paddle, thermal, piezo, and shuttle/piston.

Shuttle or piston flow switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate. Models are used with oil, air, water, and gases. Applications include oil flow control, low flow detection in cooling lines, and high-pressure lubrication systems. Rugged construction and excellent chemical compatibility simplify flow/no flow detection.

Dwyer Series P8 Features

  • Integrates a one-piece magnetic PPS composite piston to handle pressure up to 1500 psi
  • Less susceptible to clogging than other high in-line pressure switches with 100-micron filtration


  • Industrial cleaning equipment
  • High-pressure lubrication systems
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Service Compatible liquids.
Wetted Materials Housing: Brass; Piston: PPS composite, epoxy; Spring: 316 SS; O-ring: Flourocarbon.
Temperature Limits -20 to 275°F (-28 to 135°C).
Pressure Limits 1500 psi (103.4 bar).
Accuracy ±20% of set point.
Switch Type SPST, NO.
Electrical Rating 17 A @ 120 VAC, .08 A @ 240 VAC, .13 A @ 120 VDC, .06 A @ 240 VDC.
Electrical Connection No. 22 AWG, 24″ (61 cm) polymeric leads.
Process Connections 3/8″ male NPT.
Mounting Orientation Any position. Set points shown are based on vertical, inlet down position.
Required Filtration 100 microns or better.
Weight 6 oz (.17 kg).
Agency Approval CE.

Download Data Sheet: Series P8 Piston High Pressure Brass Flow Switch