Kofloc High Grade Mass Flow Meter 3100 Series

High-grade Mass Flow Meter MODEL 3100 SERIES The Model 3100 Series Mass Flow Meter is a new, ad-vanced high-precision flowmeter developed based on the Model 3200 Series. The incorporated innovative capillary type flow sensor reduces pressure loss and ensures high response as well as ensuring stability. Features : • Equipped with a temperature follow-up type […]

Kofloc Purge Flow Meter Model RK1050 Series

Purge Flowmeter (for Scientific Instrumentation System) MODEL RK1050 SERIES This is a completely renewed model of the existing compact,economical KOFLOC RK1000. With its surprisingly slender appearance, this new compact model provides high stability performance that bears comparison with anyhigh precision models. It can be ideally integrated in the customer’s scientific instrumentation system. Reducedperiod of delivery […]

Kofloc Low–Cost Mass Flow Meter With Display Model 3810DS II Series

Low–cost Mass Flow Meter With Display  MODEL 3810DS II SERIES The Model 3810DS II is a mass flow meter with a built-in display using a time-tested flow sensor. The 3810DS II displays total flow in addition to instantaneous flow, which is an improvement on the previous model 3810DS. Just like the 3810DS, the 3810DS II […]

Kofloc Flowmeter With Precision Needle Valve Model RK1200 Series

Flowmeter With Precision Needle Valve (for Accurate Flow Control) MODEL RK1200 SERIES This is a grade high precision float type flowmeter com-bined with a needle valve capable of very accurate flow control. It is ideal for measurement and control of minute flows. Features – Capable of controlling ultra-minute flows – A needle valve incorporated to […]

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