Ultrasonic Flow meter china
Ultrasonic Flow meter china

Ultrasonic Flow meter china

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Ultrasonic Flow meter model TDS-100 from china manufacture was established in 1996. Our firm is a high technology company which specializes in design, manufacture and development.  TDS-100 series of ultrasonic flow meters / calorie meters / water meters are widely used in the oil, chemical, metallurgy, water conservancy, heating, and boiler industries. TDS-100 Ultrasonic flow meter are exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. We have achieved a sales volume of over fifteen thousand sets per year.
The new instruments are invented based on the 7 version, 11 version ultrasonic flow meters and the 9 version ultrasonic water meter, it integrates many years’professional technology of manufacturing and experiences, adopts TI’ low  consumption single device MSP430FG4618 invented up to date the high function, low price, good reliability, power  function, new series products. enhanced greatly in the aspects of measurement accuracy, measurement stability, communication protocol, easy to use etc. than previous versions. at the same time, it achieved no adjustment of ic parameter during production, easy and reliable production line, good conformity of the products, guarantee each instrument reach the best function before leaving factory.

It continues to use the friendly user menu of the 7 version ultrasonic flow meter for software operating, only few menu function is changed or added,make old customers feel free to grasp in order to meet the users custom, we invented another 4 keys parallel port keyboard on the basis of 16 keys applied for economical style, in-line style ultrasonic  flow meter, two key boards can be exchanged to use.

TDS-100 has 3 types of transducer installation method :

  •  Clamp On type transducer flow meters Installation
  • Before installation, choose density pipe to install  transducers, and clean the installation area, clear away rust, paint, anti-rust layer, it is the best to use angle grinder to polish, use cleaning cloth with alcohol or acetone to clear oil and dust, coat enough couplant around the center of installation area, attach the transducers on the pipe and fix it without air bubbles or sand between transducers and pipe wall. Clamp on type transducer has  3 sizes Small , Medium size and large size.
  • Insertion type transducer flow meters installation
  • Transducers   can be installed   directly on pipes of   carbon steel or stainless steel by welding; while for those pipes of materials like cast iron, glass fiber reinforced plastic, PVC and cement which cannot be welded   directly, special straps should be used for installation. For those users who are in similar situation, please inform us of the precise outside diameter of the pipe to be installed to prevent leakage
  • In-line type transducer flow meter installation
  • In-line type transducer of new TDS-100 ultrasonic flow meters is characterized by easy installation and high-accuracy measurement. When ordering, customers need to provide the actual parameters of the pipe. The parameters of the transducer have been put into the flow meter before leaving factory and there is no need to input them when installing.

Type of TDS-100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter :

flow meter wiratama

TDS-100H Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Hand Held Flow Meter Portable Flow Meter The TDS-100H ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. The transducers are a non-contacting,...read more…..


TDS-100Y Compact Ultrasonic Flow Meters

TDS-100Y ultrasonic flowmeter/heat meter:it make the mainboard of TDS12 or TDS18 connect to a 20 lines 4 keys parallel port keyboard monitor, then encapsulate them in a sealed enclosure, realize...read more…..

flow meter wiratama

TDS-100P Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Portable ultrasonic flow meter TDS-100P portable ultrasonic flow-meter is gaining more and more recognition on the international flow meter market Future : – High quality , reasonable and...read more…..

flow meter wiratama

TDS-100F Remote ( Wall Mount ) Ultrasonic Flow Meters

TDS-100F series ultrasonic flow meters are applicable to measure liquid flow in industry application mainframe include wall-mounted standards type, wall mounted ex-proofs type, panels type and native...read more…..

TDS-100M Economic Ultrasonic Flow Meters

TDS-100M ultrasonic flow meter /heat meter:it make the mainboard of TDS12 or TDS18 connect to a 20 lines 4 keys parallel port keyboard monitor, then encapsulate them in a sealed enclosure, realize…read more…..

TDS-100W Battery Power Ultrasonic Flow Meters

TDS-100W battery powered style ultrasonic flow meters or water meter /calorimeter achieved to display online on spot,TDS16 main board is encapsulated in the sealed body(the size is the same as in-line...read more…..

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