Dwyer DFMT Series Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter
Dwyer DFMT Series Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter

Dwyer DFMT Series Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter

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Dwyer DFMT Series Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter are designed for any pump, pressure, or gravity feed system. The Series DFMT Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter provides instantaneous, as well as totalizing flow monitoring. The unit offers a user selectable 4 to 20 mA or pulse output with compact display.

Flow includes Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors, Flow meters, Sight Flow Indicators and Water Meters. Mass Flow meters, Controllers, Flow Indicators and Controllers are ideal for measurement of flow rates.

Flow Switches come as paddle, thermal, piezo, and shuttle/piston. Flow meters indicate flow rate. The different sensors include dial, in-line, ultrasonic, orifice plate, totalizing meters, variable area, venturi, or with switch output. The different designs of the flow meters have a variety of applications.

Dwyer DFMT Series Features

  • The large backlit LCD display defines instantaneous as well as cumulative flow with visual indication bar designating percent of max flow
  • Long operation life with high accuracy paddlewheel technology and corrosion resistant PVDF sensor
  • Totalizer is user resettable at any time ideal for single batch totalization
  • Security password protecting prevents any unauthorized changes


  • Cooling water monitoring
  • Cooling towers
  • Chemical proportioning or blending
  • Industrial water & wastewater treatment
  • Fluctuating fluid conductivity applications
  • Reverse osmosis systems
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Dwyer DFMT Series Specification

Service Compatible clean liquids.
Wetted Materials Sensor and impeller: PVDF; Shaft: Ceramic; O-rings: Fluoroelastomer.
Accuracy ±1.5% FS.
Repeatability ±0.5% FS.
Output Analog: 4 to 20 mA (750 Ω max. loop resistance); Pulse: NPN square wave output; Frequency: 0 to 2 kHz (adjustable); Pulse width: 0 to 1000 ms (adjustable).
Electrical Connections Removable screw terminal.
Temperature Limits Process: -4 to 194°F (-20 to 90°C); Ambient: -4 to 149°F(-20 to 65°C).
Pressure Limit 145 psi (1.0 MPa).
Power Requirements 12 to 24 VDC.
Power Consumption 2 W.
Display 2.38 x 1.25″ (60.33 x 31.75 mm) LCD.
Totalizing Display Maximum 9,999,999,999.
Enclosure Rating IP65.
Enclosure Material ABS plastic.

Download Data Sheet: Series DFMT Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter

Ref: dwyer-inst.com

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