Kofloc Large Capacity Precision Needle Valve (for Stable Control) MODEL 2412D SERIES

Large Capacity Precision Needle Valve (for Stable Control)


This large capacity needle valve exhibits high performance in precision control of comparatively large flow. The needle valve is a larger version of our precision needle valve (Model 2412) that has time-tested reliability, and is suitable for stable control in a comparatively large flow range of 50–300 l/min (0.1 MPa).

Features : 

1.The rotational motion of the flow control screw is changed into a linear motion to ensure smooth  flow control without causing a screw gap.

2.The completely clean inside of the valve permits clean flow control.

3.Special grease is used for the section not in contact with liquid to ensure outstanding durability.

Standard Spesifications

Number of turns of regulating screw : Approx. 8-12 turns

Needle : 3 types

Materials of parts in contact with fluids : (A) Brass, Al, NBR, POM

(SS) SUS316, FKM, fluorocarbon resin

Connection end : Rc 3/8, Rc ¼

Fluid : Gas and liquid

Rated flow ranges : See the table below